What Sets Us Apart

The Campus Orthodontic Experience

Campus Orthodontics is proud to be a third-generation family orthodontic practice. With the wisdom passed down from generation to generation, our approach combines time-honored methods with the latest advancements in orthodontic care.

Our team, led by Dr. Thomas Braun and his son Dr. Max Braun, boasts a unique blend of experience and education. This includes advanced degrees from prestigious institutions and specialized training in the latest orthodontic techniques. Our depth of knowledge ensures that we can offer a wide range of treatment options, tailored to meet each patient's needs.

Creating Lifetimes of Beautiful Smiles for Life’s Special Moments

The minute you set foot in our Bridgeport orthodontic office, you’ll know you’re in the right place: greeted by name, you’ll be made welcome and to feel at home!

For the Campus Orthodontics team, few things are as important as building relationships with our patients. We consider every new patient and their family to be new friends, and throughout their treatment journey we care for them as family.

You will always know you are heard, respected, and valued as an individual. We want you to feel secure and at ease in our office, confident you are receiving the best orthodontic treatment from skilled and caring hands!

Our Dedication

Drs. Braun and our team take pride in creating lifetimes of beautiful smiles, one person at a time.

  • Quality Orthodontic Solutions: From early interceptive care for children through limited and comprehensive treatments, our doctors utilize advanced techniques and technology. In focusing on ideal treatment experience, as well as improving oral health and aesthetics, your finished smile will healthy and radiant!
  • Individualized Treatment: By offering numerous effective orthodontic options, we are able to design care to your specific situation. Following detailed diagnostics and a conversation to learn your concerns, the doctors will create a treatment approach that fits your life and expectations. With each visit and every step tailored to you, you’ll soon be sharing your best smile!

Learn How We Can Deliver Your Best Smile, for Life’s Special Moments

We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions, learn your treatment goals, and develop a treatment path to achieve a smile you love. Please contact our Bridgeport, CT orthodontic office and schedule a complimentary consultation, today!